Fellow white people who complain about the way PoC go after racist behavior on Tumblr:


I know you’re thinking that their anger isn’t justified. Maybe you didn’t understand what you were doing. Maybe you don’t understand that what you said or did was racist.

I know how much easier is it to believe that everyone should just treat everyone with respect and kindness. I know that when you make mistakes, you don’t want to be yelled at over it.

But get over it.

I hear so many of us complain about how a PoC’s anger won’t do any good. You’re wrong. I’ve said and done a lot of racist things in my life because I was stupid. I will probably keep making mistakes because I’ve grown up white and don’t always understand that something I’m doing is racist.

You know what helps, though? Being called out.

And yes, I’ve been called out in a way that a lot of us would define as “rude.” But I was the one being rude. I had said something racist, and someone completely fed up with the things we white people were doing reblogged what I said and called me out on it.

My immediate knee-jerk reaction was to defend myself, but instead I stopped and thought about what they were saying, and later apologized. This doesn’t excuse my behavior, but it helped me learn so that I don’t keep saying and doing the same racist things over and over again.

It is not the job of PoC to baby us, coddle us, support us, or educate us. You learn by going out and reading what the literature says and by listening to the lived experiences of PoC.

And when you get called out? You learn by shutting the fuck up and listening.

Stop bellyaching about the way PoC deal with your shit that they find infuriating. 

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